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Did you know that school photography could be different?

The school photographer remains a fixture in every school. Everyone would like to have that class photo that turns up many years later. "Well, well, how s/he has changed. I wonder how s/he is doing?" But also the photos of the students individually bring back to mind a wonderful time at your school.

But you might find that school photos involve a lot of red tape. And perhaps you think it's a shame for the environment that so many unsold photos are thrown in the wastepaper basket. That is why school photographer Digiron does things differently!
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School photographer Digiron turns the photo day into a festive event on all fronts.

Thanks to years of training, we know how best to deal with children. No routine, assembly line type of work, but smiling faces on all photos. Digiron moreover earns top marks on these advantages:

Less hassle for the school

The students get only a small print of their photo with a price list on plain paper, not real photos. No more unordered photos to be collected by the teacher.

Ecologically responsible

No developed photos are thrown away in the wastepaper basket. Moreover, we develop all shots in a "green" photo lab without harmful chemical processes.

Results within 2 days

You get to see the results within 2 schooldays. You then give each student his or her own order sheet. Once we have received the order forms, you can hand out the finished photos after just five days.

Parents can also order online

A new, very easy feature is that parents can now also order and pay online at Digiron. The students get their own login with which only they can see and order their photos. But you retain an overview of the sales. Not everyone has access to the Internet, so ordering and paying through school is still possible.

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